Create an Awning in 4 Easy Steps!

Make a fun awning to give your bulletin boards dimension and add a touch of style to your classroom. Customize it by using your favorite colors and patterns. The options are endless!

awning side

Materials Needed:

  • Presentation Board
  • Fadeless Paper
  • Two different sets of borders
  • Glue
  • Staples


1. Staple a presentation board to your empty bulletin board so that the folds run horizontally. Staple the bottom flap to the board, but let the top flap hang down, since it will serve as your awning.


2. Cover your bulletin board with fadeless paper to hide the presentation board.

3. Next, cut bulletin board paper to cover the exposed awning and glue it to the cardboard.

bulletin board main4. Give the edge of the awning some extra pizzazz by using a scalloped or pennant border!

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Our new borders are perfect to mix and match and are great for layering!

Five people could win four borders of their choice! Mix and Match all of your favorite designs!
Click here to view all borders.

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  1. Very cute borders! I love them!

  2. Cute!

  3. What a good idea!

  4. Great idea for the awning! I will display the procedures for our education students!

  5. Bonnie Sowizrol says:

    Love the chevron borders!!

  6. I use black fadeless paper as the background and neon colored letters and borders to enhance the look. I need some new borders for a new look this year.

  7. Hope McFarland says:

    This is a cute idea. I might have to try it.

  8. Amanda Wootten says:

    I like to use bright colors and wording that draws peoples attention.

  9. Laura N says:

    I try to have some 3d effects to the bulletin board. I love all of the borders this year!

  10. Jennifer Hartley says:

    I like to use a black background with bright colors over it! I also like to overlap borders to enhance the effect.

  11. Lynnetta Bragdon says:

    I double layer and choose combos that compliment but stand out!

  12. I like fadeless paper, 3D elements, and student work to display.

  13. kelly fernald says:

    I am going to try a fabric background this year.

  14. Jessica Reinartz says:

    I love using black and bright colored fadeless paper and using 3D effects when I staple my border and lettering!

  15. I use fabric instead of paper on my boards

  16. A Summers says:

    Use colors that “go” together well and work samples that will “POP”

  17. I put waves or bumps in my border so they stand out.

  18. Jennifer Cole says:

    I like to layer borders, especially with scrunched paper. That really stands out!

  19. Heather says:

    Love this idea! First year at 3rd grade and 8 years since I’ve taught in a general education classroom. I am so excited to use this in my class.

  20. Courtney says:

    I try to use class photos and matching paper and borders to make my bulletin boards pop!

  21. Carrie Brazil says:

    I use fadeless paper and some sort of 3D decor.

  22. I always incorporate student work with my bulletin boards. To me, nothing is more impressive than their hard work and best effort!

  23. Candice says:

    To make my boards stand out, I add colored paper behind all of the things posted on my board and use curvy scissors to cut them out.

  24. I use bright fabric & fun colorful borders.

  25. LOVE this idea!!

  26. Sara Filler says:

    I like to use bright colors and coordinate them

  27. Kelly Brown says:

    I always try to use a background and coordinate the borders to give it some color!

  28. Jamilynn Hand says:

    I use fabric and bright borders from CTP on all of my bulletin boards! My favorite is the Dots on Turquoise collection!

  29. I use double borders in contrasting colors and I like to add something “3D” when possible, like a tree, to match my owl decor! I would love some of the new patterns for borders!

  30. Claudia C says:

    I use bright colors and stylish borders. Something the students will like and appreciate.

  31. Lorena Reimann says:

    I use 3-d effects and catchy/fun titles.

  32. Erica Witherell says:

    I like to use either Fadelss paper, plastic table cloths, bright fabrics, and fancy boarders that go along with the theme of the board.

  33. allisonvogt says:

    I like to make 3 dimensional boarders with strips of construction paper

  34. Robbin Briley says:

    I use material and other items to provide a 3d effect.

  35. This year I’m streamlining everything with black backgrounds and using fun, chevron borders and funky letters to make everything POP!

  36. Valerie says:

    I paint the bulletin boards – on the cork – to match my color scheme. And then I mat the items I place with bright paper.

  37. I like to double up the borders to help them stand out.

  38. I use bold background paper and only put the border on the top and bottom. I top it off with pictures of my students incorporated in the students work! CTP has great border choices.

  39. I love the idea of the awning. I like to create bulletin boards on blank wall space by taping up butcher paper and CTP borders to give me extra display space!

  40. Hope Smith says:

    To make my bulletin boards stand out I use contrasting colors of butcher or cloth and innovative methods of eye catching accessories to give a pop-out appearance. to display students’ work or important objectives.

  41. bright colors and borders to display my students works!

  42. Allison says:

    I use two different border prints/colors at the same time, by overlapping them.

  43. Yvonne Charles says:

    I love to use black paper-everything just pops! I also layer borders which I am obsessed with:)

  44. cathrine says:

    I use plain black fabric as my background and borders that match my theme.

  45. I like to use bright colored plastic/vinyl tablecloths as a background instead of paper. You can get them at Dollar Tree, but Hobby Lobby has better, thicker ones. They hold up a lot better than paper, plus paper and I just don’t get along in regards to bulliten boards. Haha! Tablecloths are a quick, cheap solution if you don’t have fabric.

  46. Melissa says:

    I use fadeless paper in apple green, turquoise, and yellow for the backgrounds with patterned, cheerful borders and bright lettering.

  47. i used a twin sized sheet as the background and colorful border. love the awning idea.

  48. Katherine says:

    I use fabric instead of paper, so I can reuse it year after year!

  49. Samantha says:

    I use tablecloths and always back the students work with colored paper

  50. I try to always double a solid border with a print border to make them pop.

  51. I try to use bright colors

  52. I make the bulletin board 3-D by not stapling items flat, enhancing with CTP boarders!

  53. Heather M. S. says:

    Great idea! I love the awning!

  54. I love trying new things. My favorite bulletin last year was my end of year one with vote background and black buildings. The contrasting colors really made the scene pop.

  55. B. Frazier says:

    Would love to make an awning to create a reading cafe in my room.

  56. I like to use subtly patterned fireproofed fabric as the base, then match and contrast with a patterned and a solid border. I use rippled and bumps to create depth, and put bright colors as backing for items I staple to the board.

  57. Rhonda P. says:

    I use bright colored fabric instead of butcher paper.

  58. Make it 3D :)

  59. Love the 3D look and the combination of borders!

  60. I use a title on my bulletin boards cut out by my Cricut. My Cricut will cut out different fonts that are on my computer.

  61. elizabeth dudley says:

    Use borders with punch out pieces to give dimension.

  62. I love this idea!

  63. Kandice says:

    I use black fadeless paper to create bulletin boards. I’ve been using double borders of black and white borders mixed with neon borders and also with bright neon letters, I also like to incorporate 3D elements such as bright colored poms and pennants to make my boards come to life.

  64. Rebecca M. says:

    I like to use double borders and fabric. They are also interactive.

  65. I use very bright colored material. I use black borders, black accessories with neon colored letters or words.

  66. Tracy J. says:

    Vivid colors certainly make boards stand out. Black is a great background to highlight the vibrancy of the colors. More than anything, it is the student work that makes a board shine.

  67. I try to use things that I can make into a dimensional display instead of flat. This is a great idea and I will try it! I also try to come up with a “catchy title” and use contrasting colors to stand out.

  68. I like to use fabric for the background and borders that pop!

  69. I make my boards pop by using a combination of pattern fabrics and several coordinating borders!

  70. Mallory says:

    I love overlapping borders and some 3D action on my bulletin board!

  71. love the 3-d will use this to make my board stand out

  72. Love the Creative Press borders. I use them year after year with no fading. I combine them with fadeless paper and use sticky backed velcro on individual pieces to change them out quickly!

  73. Fadeless paper and colourful borders!

  74. Rachael says:

    I make 3d letters with the Ellison

  75. fabric always enhances a bulletin board

  76. I would love to see more ideas for secondary grades. Inviting classrooms and colorful environments shouldn’t stop with the end of elementary school.

  77. Alexis K says:

    I try to use cute fabrics and paper with exciting colors to make my boards really pop!

  78. I layer coordinating borders and use scrapbook paper to liven up the background.

  79. Mia Armour says:

    I love using fabric. It makes the board looks rich and it stands out.

  80. Janice McKnight says:

    I like to use a bright color for the background. Sometimes, I make some of the accents “pop” or make them 3-D. I also like using seasonal items on my boards.

  81. I like to use bright popping colors on black. This awning idea is fantastic!

  82. Lori Bland says:

    Love this idea!

  83. I’ve always used the fadeless paper and bright borders. I would like to try fabric…great idea!

  84. April Martindale says:

    This is super cute! Love the idea of making bulletin boards 3 dimensional. I make my bulletin boards pop with bright complementary colors and by making them interactive, so that they are not just decoration but have functionality within the classroom. This year I had a twitter board and students posted something they learned in the lesson using hashtags, etc. as a closure to my lesson. The kids loved it and it was also a great way to review what we’d learned!

  85. I like to use a black background on my bulletin boards and then use colors to really make them pop.

  86. I think this is a very creative idea. I can’t wait to change up some of my boards and spaces in my room!

  87. I use two sets of cut-out letters. The lighter letter is placed on top of the darker one, and shifted slightly, to make a “shadowed” effect.

  88. WOW! What a great idea! I think I may try it.

  89. I try to use really colorful paper

  90. I double up my border to make it stand out!

  91. A. Theriot says:

    I use borders that contrast my theme and/or decor to make my displays really “pop”!

  92. I make my bulletin boards stand out by using bright colors!

  93. jennifer says:

    I LOVE to layer them!

  94. Angela hall says:

    I like to use fun borders and letters to create bulletin boards for my classroom.

  95. I use complimentary colors for the background and border (from CTP of course!).

  96. Sue Hills says:

    I like to layer complimentary colors of border.

  97. Theresa Webb says:

    I double my borders.

  98. I love to use fabric on my bulletin boards, blacks my favorite. Then I use bright borders, at least 2 different ones. I’m always looking for new fun ways to add pop to my room.

  99. Borders really finish off my boards and make them ready for showcasing students work.

  100. You guys rock with all the beautiful classroom supplies and inspirational ideas!

  101. mary claire says:

    I always try to make sure my bulletin boards are functional…they are usually interactive, either for the students to manipulate directly or for me to highlight students’ achievements throughout the year.

  102. wshortt says:

    I like to use wallpaper as the background with layered borders.

  103. Jynette says:

    I just love this idea. So “creative”. Can’t wait to try this in my classroom.

  104. I love to use bright paper and crazy loud borders!

  105. Laura D says:

    I give their artwork a matt or frame in black and it instantly pops.

  106. Love this idea. I love getting new ideas for bulletins.. They can make or break a classroom.

  107. Emily H says:

    Bright, coordinating colors and fun accents/borders!!


  108. I love to use two or three borders on a bulletin board. I usually use a bright color and black and white (polka dot or even a chevron)! Coordinating letters also help the board stand out! I love that CTP keeps adding new designs to the borders.

  109. Breanne says:

    I love to layer borders on top of felt or fabric!

  110. Angela Tyler says:

    All of my “things” on my board match, either the background or the lettering.

  111. Love the boarders, Can’t wait to design my back to school board in a few weeks.

  112. cool borders and tissue paper with fun colors :)

  113. What keeps the board from folding over when you staple it to the bulletin board? It is a trifold board, after all. I have wanted to do this for a long time, but could not figure that mystery out! Thanks.

    • Inspired In Style says:

      Hi Donna! I believe it is the fadeless paper that is attached (in one piece) from the back to the top. It keeps tension on the fold some it remains propped up. Otherwise, if it begins to fall over time, you could use dowels diagonally in each corner. I hope that helps!

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