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10 lucky teachers will win $200 worth of Creative Teaching Press dollars to buy their classroom a new back-to-school outfit for the 2014-2015 school year!  That is $200 to spend on everything Creative Teaching Press. . . trendy new borders, inspiring posters, organizational tools and even books.  Entering is easy, just see below for all of the details and the ways to enter.  And remember, once you complete your entry, make sure you tell us using the Rafflecopter at the bottom.

How To Enter:

  • ONE ENTRY (If you have already done the following, you are awesome!  Count that as an entry in Rafflecopter.)
    • Re-post the Giveaway Picture that we have on our Instagram, tag @creativeteachingpress and use the following hashtags #ctpdesignerlooks, #giveaway, #win, #entertowin, #teachers, #teacher, #teacherlife.  *Remember if your Instagram settings are ‘private’ we will not be able to see your entry, yikes! – Three Entries
    • Follow us on Twitter AND Tweet a link to this giveaway! Mention your favorite Creative Teaching Press item. – Three Entries
    • Create a blog post about your favorite Creative Teaching Press products and how you would spend your $200.  Make sure you link to this giveaway and also to the Creative Teaching Press website.  Once you have posted, e-mail a link to, and we might just share your post with our followers! –  Five Entries

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prizes and Rules:

  • Contest begins June 27, 2014 and ends at 12am PST on August 1, 2014.
  • No purchase necessary.  10 people will win a prize of $200 for a total contest value of $2000.  Prizes are non-transferable and may not be substituted.  Must be 18 years of age or older (19 in AL and NE).  Continental U.S. residents only.  Apps and iBooks not applicable.  Creative Teaching Press purchases made during the contest period may be applied to the $200 prize if the winner should decide to do so, or may be used for a new purchase.  Winners will be provided with additional instructions for redeeming their prizes.
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  1. I have been looking for a new decor for my classroom. I knew I had found it when I. saw your “Dots on Chocolate” and “Sweet Shop” themes . It is fresh, chic, and charming!!! Love you CTP!!

    • I love Creative Teaching Press. They have high quality products, they are always on trend, and they are affordable . These are the most important qualifications to a teacher like me!

  2. Did it all! I am already making my wishlist to have it ready!!!!

  3. sharon mikolajczyk says:

    love your stuff :) I used the polka dots for my magician theme- now switching to pirates for third grade :)

  4. Colleen says:

    Dots on Black! Great for the upper elementary classroom!

  5. Tami Peña says:

    I love Creative Teaching Press!!! I can’t wait to get my catalog. I seriously love this time of the year when I can start another year with a new look and implement some new ideas. Happy Teaching!!

    • Milagros Vargas-Neu says:

      Your Creative materials are child-teacher friendly.Children love the interacitve reading books which makes learning fun but also academic as well.. I am looking forward to getting all of the learning books I have ordered ..A nice start of the year goes a long way! Thanks

  6. I LOVE your products…….hope I am lucky:)

  7. Annette Williams says:

    CTP has so much to offer! I am a big Pinterest user and can use as many ideas as possible. I taught preschool for 20 years and now moved up to 3rd grade. It is so different! I love all the ideas I can get!!!

  8. I used CTP’s Math and Grammar minutes when I taught 3rd grade and loved them! Now I’m teacing 2nd grade and would love, love, love more CTP resources!,2L3GG,F10UVN,9FVJB,1

  9. Druscilla Moore says:

    I use a lot of Creative Teacher Press products to decorate my classroom each year. I love all of the great lessons and fun you can create with all of your great products. I hope I am the lucky one because I just moved schools and grades.

  10. Loren Loomis says:

    I love how colorful your decorations are. Each year I purchase items for my classroom because I pick a theme and you have great ideas to use.

  11. Claudia Wiseman says:

    Starting a new position as a Special Ed teacher and would like a whole new fresh look for this year. Love the muted colors and patterns to present a calm atmosphere that is also contusive to learning.

  12. Kathleen Katsoudas says:

    I am in the process of moving from one school to another. My entire classroom was filled with Turquoise Dots borders, helper’s chart, posters, and frames for student pictures. I’ve taken everything with me and in the move some of my materials got damaged. Was relieved that I could not only replace what had been damaged, but could supplement with new products with coordinating colors. I just keep adding stuff all year long and my room looks wonderful!

  13. Kathleen Katsoudas says:

    My new classroom is colorful and lively thanks to Turquoise Dot decorations from Creative Teaching Press. Ask for their catalogue!

  14. Love all your products specially the calendars and homework folders !!

  15. Crystal Cain says:

    I’m crossing my fingersX …..I love Creative Teaching Press and Dots on Chocolate as a classroom theme!

  16. What an amazingly awesome opportunity!! Thank you for doing this giveaway! Whomever the teachers may be that win will be forever grateful! I know I would be!

  17. I love love love CTP! My entire room is decked out in Poppin’ Patterns! Just check out my Pinterest Board:
    And I never can seem to have enough of it, either!

  18. Brenda H, says:

    Love CTP. I buy all of my writing foldouts from CTP! They make writing easy, fun and organized! The best value too!

  19. Cortney McCarter says:

    Love CTP!

  20. Courtney says:

    Love the dots on black. I used them last year for my 2nd grade room. Would love to win to use the money for my new classroom which will be 5th grade! Can’t wait to start decorating and working again in September!!!

  21. Danielle Shelley says:

    Love your stuff! My favorite is all of the Rainbow Stripes stuff. I just moved to a new room and am ready to redecorate with rainbow stripes.

  22. Amy Benoit says:

    I’ve been teaching for 26 years and need a classroom makeover in the worst way! Please help!!!

  23. Loretta B. says:

    Great new ideas!!! Thanks for all you do for teachers!!

  24. Love your stuff

  25. Heather Versage says:

    Good luck to all! Thanks for doing the giveawayCTP!

  26. Rebecca M. says:

    I have my wish list saved in my shopping cart on a website. I would love to win the products instead of having to use my own money to win, now that we have to spend money on our vehicle to get two cylinders fixed…about $1000! Not good right before school…or any time actually!

  27. Prudence says:

    Wow! I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one. Moving to Second Grade in September and this would make this move so much FUN!

  28. Beth Conti says:

    I love all of the products especially the black and white and the pops of color. I wish I had the time and money to do these fabulous designs in my classroom!!

  29. Marian D says:

    Finally – NEW looking products that look fantastic. I am looking forward to re-doing my classroom with fresh colors!

  30. Betty Deatherage says:

    I am in the process of downsizing and using the different chevron designs and other materials that go with these designs, mostly black, turquoise and gray colors.

  31. Deanna Richards says:

    I love the designs in CTP! I am shocked that they are no longer called Schoolgirl Style and there was no mention of the designers name either…..Melanie Ralbusky. Not sure what happened but they are clearly her creations…..?

  32. I just received your catalog today and am very excited about the products you feature. They are bright an color and will add something special to the classroom. Thanks!!!

  33. Leslie Vandagriff says:

    Can’t wait to update my room! Such great ideas this year.

  34. Brittney Ellis says:

    Awesome giveaway! I hope I win :)

  35. Karen Coutts says:

    I love that you are doing a give away! So many of us spend SO much of our own money to make our classrooms look so great for our class….it is awesome that you are giving us a chance to get super cute decorations for free! Thank you.

  36. Your designs are awesome!!

    I posted about the contest on my blog. Check it out!

  37. Beth Higginbotham says:

    Last year was my first year in basic ed (after 15 in ese). My room and many of my personal items got destroyed by several behavior incidents. This year I will have to start over with my room decorations. The Creative Teaching Press has some very beautiful and classy ideas that I can’t wait to use!

  38. Isabel Z says:

    I love CTP product because they are fun, affordable, and create such a welcoming classroom

  39. Lyra Hyndman says:

    Great give away and products. I hope to win, my wish list is long!!!

  40. Lisenell Smith says:

    Absolutely love the GNOMe and Frogs Designer Cut-Outs! Can’t wait to win them. Fingers Crossed!

  41. CTP has always been a favorite of mine. With nineteen years of being in the classroom, CTP items have frequently been purchased. This year I am redecorating my room with an owl and chevron theme. I want to use the bright pastel chevron borders on the bulletin boards. The letter stickers sound wonderful. I could use those to label. The possibilities are endless! Of course I am going to purchase anything owl.

  42. Shannon says:

    I love CTP products!!! This time of the year is so exciting because this is when I start to think about how I will decorate my classroom with a newer, updated look and implement creative ideas. The CTP products are colorful, fun, affordable, and create such a warm, happy classroom! I hope that you all have a blessed year! :)

  43. patricia stokes says:

    New grant enabled my classroom to have an aquarium, so the beach/fish theme is what we would just love to win for the make over!!!

  44. I love the new “Designer Looks” from Creative Press! My classroom REALLY needs a makeover! Pick me…pick me!!! :)

  45. Excited about the possibilities for my classroom. I’ll be teaching a new grade this coming year and am looking forward to updating my class decor. Hope I a win!!!!!

  46. Elizabeth F says:

    Can’t wait to receive your catalog and start shopping. So many awesome products!

  47. How fun would it be to start next year with a room makeover! I’m so excited!

  48. We are starting a new literacy program this year…how great to be able to get some new things to help with that!

  49. I love creative teaching. I sure could use 200 dollars to help with classroom supplies.

  50. Amy Tomblinson says:

    I adore Creative Teaching Press and their up-to-the-minute designs and coordinating products. CTP turns my classroom from boring into beautiful time and time again!

  51. Diane Walter says:

    I love CTP and their products. I have used their books for math centers, Learn to Write and reading books in kindergarten for years. I would love to win because after 9 years in kindergarten I am moving up to 2nd and I need a new look. Love the stick kids and Poppin Patterns.

    I love CTP and their products. I have used their books for math centers, Learn to Write and reading books in kindergarten for years. I would love to win because after 9 years in kindergarten I am moving up to 2nd and I need a new look. Love the stick kids and Poppin Patterns.

  53. Jennifer says:

    Love to look through the catalog to see what I “need” from my classroom. Imagine what I could do with $200!
    Entered and I can’t wait to find out if I’m a winner :D

  54. Jill Ghesquiere says:

    CTP rocks! I love your colorful, helpful products and can’t wait each year to see the newest items to make my classroom bright and inviting! Thank you!

  55. Summer Guinn says:

    I absolutely love CTP!!! It is my one stop shop for the latest decor for my classroom. I recently redesigned my classroom last year with the new chevron borders, but I got my new catalog in the mail yesterday and I’m so redoing it this year with the honey bees!!!! LOVE IT! Thanks CTP for always making my room beautiful!

  56. This was just what I needed to inspire me to start getting ready for the new school year. Thank you!

  57. I always look forward to receiving the newest issue of Creative Teaching Press’s catalogue. You have high quality products and the classroom ideas online are so inspirational. I’m window shopping now with my fingers crossed hoping to win $200 worth of new materials!!! ;)

  58. Wow! This is quite an impressive giveaway! Creative Teaching Press has long been a favorite of mine and I would be so excited to win this amazing prize! Thank you for the opportunity!

  59. Jessica Preece says:

    I would love to win and use the new Hexa Fun collection in my Kindergarten classroom! It would make my room a bright, fun, and happy place for children to learn in !:)

  60. Mari Johnson says:

    CTP, just love the ability to “Buy the Room” with just a scan! Would love to decorate my room with Dots on Black or Dots on Turquoise. I’ve been a huge fan of your products for years especial, the mini bulletin boards! Thank you!

  61. Courtney Q says:

    I really hope I win! My whole classroom is done in Dots on Turquoise!!!

  62. I love adding color and fun to my classroom and I teach high school! High school students love fun as much elementary and Creative Teaching Press has such a variety that I can outfit my high school classroom to look bright, cheery and fun to help inspire my students to enjoy MATH!!!

  63. Crystal Cain says:

    I can’t wait to use the Dots on Chocolate theme in my classroom this year from Creative Teaching Press! I would love to add to my recent order by winning CTP’s Fall give-a-way!!
    Make my student’s year brighter and mine more unique CTP! :)

  64. Janice McKnight says:

    I love Creative Teaching Press! The products are great. I have an ocean/sea theme in my classroom, but I want to shake it up a bit this year with some blue chevron and lime green. I think those colors will look awesome! Of course, CTP has some great items that I can use to not only spruce up my classroom, but the workbooks will be great as well. Did I say I love CTP? They rock!

  65. Trish Horne says:

    I can’t wait for the new school year!

  66. Elaine Trull says:

    I having been teaching for many years away from home and now I have finally landed a job in my home town! Fresh start needs a crash classroom! I will be teaching 6th grade for the first time and this win could just be the icing on the cake to a great year!!!!

  67. Jenny K says:

    My fingers are crossed! I just received the keys to my new classroom and have a blank slate to work with. I’ve been drawing inspiration from the galleries of Inspired By Style and the Creative Teaching Press catalog! I can hardly wait to make this room my own!

  68. LINDA GERLING says:

    Due to time constraints, it is refreshing to have all of these coordinating products arranged for brain storming about my new decor. You catalogues and web pages are amazing! Who contributes to these ideas? I would love to redecorate my room and have it shout EXCITING to my students as they enter and work. Fingers crossed!


  69. Natalie says:

    Love CTP

  70. I am doing my whole classroom in a garden theme. I would LOVE to have money to buy some cute decorations :-)

  71. I will be teaching in a brand new school this fall. Looking forward to a fresh new look with these products

  72. As a brand new teacher this would certainly come in handy. I would love to use this for my first ever classroom. Would love to decorate my Kindergarten Room bright and cheerful.

  73. I would share this with my local schools to keep art in schools

  74. Beth Dwyer says:

    I love many of CP products. I especially like your decor for back to school! If I won $200 I would redo my math board.

  75. Kristi De Boer says:

    New State and new school this year. The possibilities are endless!

  76. I just adore your polka dot party! Last year I used it to remodel my classroom, and I’d love to have a makeover to finish off my collection!! I’ve shared your site with many new teachers, including my student teacher!!;)

  77. Tammy Jones says:

    I love CTP and would love to win this!!

  78. Judy Bernard says:

    Thank you CTP for all of the wonderful teaching materials that your company provide for educators. We appreciate you.

  79. Would love to be able to give my room a new look!!

  80. I used the All About Me Intermediate fold outs last year and the kids loved them. They helped me screen writing abilities and the kids had fun doing them. I just ordered them yesterday for the upcoming school year. Love CTP products and have been using them for years.

  81. As a first year teacher I can use all of the help I can find to buy times for my kindergarten classroom. The school I will be teaching in is a brand new Charter School so finances are tight.

  82. Margaret says:

    My classroom needs substantially changed in the move from k to 3rd. I need to make my stuff look more mature and appealing to an older crowd. CTP products are awesome aids for this project!

  83. I love shopping from Creative Teaching Press! I love the new line of classroom decorations! Thank you for this great opportunity to win the classroom make-over/decorations!

  84. Your products are always wonderful. and very colorful. I teach 4K and parents always comment on how inviting my room.
    Thanks CTP

  85. I used Dots on Black for my change from 1st grade to 5th, and I love it! Tones down the bright green cabinets in my room, yet has lots of color to bring out in other ways. Thank you!

  86. Laura Adkins says:

    I entered!!

  87. Lori archer says:

    How cute!

  88. I love CTP. I’m moving into a brand new classroom and would love to be able to use one of the new designer looks to decorate my new room.

  89. I am nearing retirement and all of my materials are old and worn out. My room (and I) would feel and burst of excitement to redecorate a well-worn, well used room. I love what I do, but would like to jump start the school year to end with a bang!

  90. Mariann Brown says:

    I stay organized with tubs. Tubs for lessons Monday-Friday, Sub Plans, centers, games files in accordion folders in tubs.

  91. Donna McMillan says:

    I use tubs and storage bins.

  92. Michelle Ridgway says:

    Wow! grrrrreat ideas AND a prize giveaway! I love this!!! Both my husband and I teach writing, so this will be special way to get our classrooms ready for our writers. Thank you, Creative Teaching Press.


  93. Georgiana says:

    I have the Black and White set and LOVE it! I could definitely use more décor to match the pieces that I have!

  94. I love all the mustache stuff. Moving to a new room and I am so excited to decorate it using all the ideas I have seen on this website.

  95. Jeanette Keath says:

    CTP has the cutest, most colorful classroom decor available. Always love whatever I make with CTP products!!

    • Jeanette Keath says:

      My favorite products are the coordinating borders and bulletin board accessories. They all mix and match so well! I can add a piece from another CTP collection and it still matches!!

  96. I love to use these products to decorate my room each year!

  97. Talia Kniznik says:

    starting a new grade in a new school! falling in love with all your decorations!!!

  98. Love your stuff!

  99. I am a First year teacher… This would be amazing to help give my own flair to my new classroom. So many possibilities… Fingers are crossed!! Doing all I can to enter! :)

  100. Finally-some new looks for the classroom. I get excited seeing the new borders, shapes, etc.
    It certainly helps my room-our school has character-but is over 60 years old. Your products
    help dress it up.

  101. Love the creativity of this sight!

  102. Nannette says:

    I love how the color pops on all the products.! Definitely my style!

  103. We have some new teachers starting in the fall. It would be so fun to surprise them with some fun stuff, and I’m ready for a make-over…classroom that is!


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