How To Create A Bow Out Of Extra Border

Here at CTP, we love to play around with our products to see what fun things we can create. As you’ve seen in our “How To Create A Chevron Pumpkin” post, we like thinking outside the box! We are going to show you how to create a bow out of the extra border pieces you have lying around!

bow-materialsMaterials needed: tape, scissors, and extra border pieces. We used our Houndstooth Border.

Step 1. You’ll need three parts for each bow: the band in the middle, the loops, and the tails. Trace on the back of your border your three bow shapes. Then cut your three pieces out. A quick tip is Fold your paper in half to be symmetrical.

bow-step 1

Step 2. Grab the two outer tabs on the “loops” piece, bend them to the center, and glue them down. Layer the loops piece on top of the tails with a dot of glue, then wrap the band around the center and secure it in the back with a little more glue.

bow-step 2 bow-step 3bow-step 4

Once glued, you’re all done! Add your bow to anything to give it a little extra style!


Here are some great ideas on where to add some style with a bow!






bow-inbox (2)

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  1. OMG that is so cute and simple I am going to do that all over my room!

  2. Cool Ideas i really inspired Keep posting…

  3. These are adorable. Do you have a template for the pattern you used?

  4. So cute but I was also wondering about a template. I am soooooo not crafty, and really need something to guide my cutting. Is there a template available???

  5. chris becker says:

    I would love to make this how. Is there a template?

  6. Laura Major says:

    I’d love a pattern too!! These are the cutest things ever!!

  7. I would also love a pattern/template!

  8. I love this!!!!!!!!!!! What a great idea!!!!!!

  9. Love this bow idea – super cute!!!

  10. sarah chesnut says:

    I would also like a template for the bow. This is such a cute idea.

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