How To Make Candy Cane Necklaces

These adorable candy cane necklaces are such a fun craft to do with your students or kids at home.  You can also make them yourself to give as gifts or use as stocking stuffers!


Materials Needed
Mini candy canes that are individually wrapped
Curling Ribbon

Step 1
Staple one end of a candy cane to the end of another candy cane.  Repeat.  One necklace uses approximately 10-15 candy canes, depending on how long you want the necklace to be.



Step 2
Tie a knot at each stapled area using Curling Ribbon.


Step 3
Use scissors to curl the ends of ribbon.


Final step is to wear and enjoy!candy-cane-necklace-final


By Cheryl Cornejo of Auntie’s Sweet Life.

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  1. ashley gonzalez says:

    i think it’s a very good idea to do with your family and give a gift for christmas!!!!

  2. The candy cane are fun too make.

  3. Teacher Blanca says:

    I love the idea!
    Specially because is accessible for any budget.

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