How to Assess Even and Odd Number Skills

odds-evensHi everyone!  It is Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies here to share with you a super simple way to assess even and odd number skills.

I was looking for a quick performance task to use with one of my intervention groups.  I needed to assess even and odd numbers and this is what I came up with…the kids thought they were playing, which is fine with me!

I used number stickers on the end of craft sticks and letter stickers to label the library pockets.
The craft sticks also work nicely for Kinder number order…



For a variation to the activity, I tried hot spot stickers.  I noticed that my students were grouping the dots in sets of two in order to see if any were left over (odd).  Perfect!


My students were begging to come and assess (even the ones I didn’t need to assess)…and the best part?  It took only a minute or two and I didn’t have to sit right next to them as they did it.


I hope this is something that you will be able to use, or that will spark an idea of how you might use something similar in your classroom!supplies

I used:

Black Dot-to-Dot Lowercase Letter Stickers

 Dots on Black Library Pockets

 Dots on Turquoise Dots Hot Spots Stickers

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I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break!


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  1. Angela Griffith says:

    Thank you Jennifer so much for sharing this awesome idea!

  2. Cute idea as always! :)

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