How to Fix Major Eyesores in Your Classroom

Howdy ya’ll!  My name is Greg Smedley-Warren, better known as The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  I am very excited to be working with my friends at Creative Teaching Press to showcase some fab ideas using their awesome products!

Today I am going to show you how I used CTP‘s products to fix a major eyesore in my classroom!

ac unit before

This monster is our AC/heating unit!  Unfortunately he’s here to stay.  I asked to remove him and they said no.  Thankfully, because when the other classes had no AC in August, we were cool.  And when the heat wasn’t turned on when it was 30 degrees, we were toasty!  That said – this thing is ugly and cluttered.  I just slapped stuff on there and let it be.  But, why can’t it be so much more?

 How about a classroom information center?

ac unit after

I stripped everything from the AC monster and created a useful, organized and neat classroom information center.  This area now houses reminders, student information cards, messages and schedules.  And it looks so much better!

I used the border and letters from CTP‘s Poppin’ Patterns line of products to outline the gray monster.  This allowed me to have individual sections for different types of information.  I also used computer paper from the Poppin’ Patterns line to print our special areas schedule, our iPad schedule and a reminder of events that occur every week at the same time.

information section

Next, I wanted an area where I could write messages to myself!  These are especially handy for those things that happen once that I always forget!  I used the Speech Bubble jumbo designer cut-outs to create a message center.

I laminated the cut-outs so they can be used with dry erase markers.  Then I placed magnets on the back so the cut-outs can be moved and re-arranged as needed.  This also makes it easier to pop them off and write a message and pop them back on the gray beast!

blank message centercreating message center 2 creating message center 1message center

I also used the Dots on Turquoise jumbo library pockets to create storage for my student information cards and forms.  These always get “misplaced” and I end up scrounging around to find them when needed.  Now, they’re in a safe place where I can always grab them if I need them.  Again, the pockets were laminated for durability and magnets placed on the back!

 I could not be happier with how this turned out!  It was a simple project that made a huge impact in my classroom.  And it makes my day easier!  Now the gray behemoth is a purposeful and attractive part of my classroom!

CTP Products Used:

Item # 6242 Speech Bubble 10″ Jumbo Designer Cut-Outs

Item # 6778 Dots on Turquoise Jumbo Library Pockets

Item # 1183 Dots on a Wave Border

Item # 1228 Poppin’ Patterns 7″ Designer Letters

Item # 1445 Rainbow Stripes Computer Paper

smedley's-logoIntroducing Greg Smedley-Warren of The Kindergarten Smorgasboard!

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