Avoiding Marker Mayhem!


You’ve just walked into your classroom after indoor recess ready to start your afternoon.  You’ve planned an awesome writing lesson that you know your students will LOVE!

You explain to your students that it is time for their writing lesson and you start to hook them in by explaining what they are about to learn.  You sense their excitement and ask them to join you on the carpet.   Skillfully, you quiet each and every one of them until you can hear a pin drop.  You are pumped up and know this is going to be one of the most important lessons that they will learn this school year.  As each little face is staring up at you, you know it is time to begin.

You slowly reach down to grab your dry erase marker to begin writing the first word AND…


You tell yourself that this really can’t be happening.

There lies your favorite marker with the cap off and the tip is smashed.  You try to write the first letter and nothing but a faint, feathery, almost visible line appears.  You go to grab another marker from the easel…same thing.  To your horror, all of your dry erase markers are dried out, the tips are smashed on every single one of them!!!

You begin to mumble in your head how much you DESPISE indoor recess and needless to say, probably a few more choice words that we CAN’T say on a teaching blog.

As you frantically scramble across the room to your desk to find another marker, the first student begins to talk.  NO!  Before you can find another marker that even works, you hear a second student start talking…NOOOO!…and there it goes…all of the kids break into a loud roar of laughter, some are shouting, a few kids are rolling around now,  two students jump up to use the bathroom…and you still can’t find a working marker!!!

It’s done.  I might as well quit and go home.

Do you know what I’m talking about?  It is probably one of the most frustrating situations a teacher can experience!  Well, there is a solution to this problem!

DISCLAIMER…I can’t take credit for this idea.  This genius idea came from my friend, Abby Merrill.  Remember CTP’s featured teacher in the latest catalog?  Abby shared this idea with me and I absolutely LOVED it!


marker tip from Inspired In Style


Abby uses stickers from Creative Teaching Press to adhere to all of her favorite markers.  When her students see a sticker, they automatically know that they aren’t allowed to use it.  Now, I am sure you are thinking that you have some students that wouldn’t care and will use it anyways, even so, if it keeps the majority of students from taking your markers, than it has worked!  Abby told me that this little tip works wonders in her classroom!

I used CTP’s Spring Flowers for this marker.  I am a flowery kind of girl, so these make me really happy!

CTP 4114

CTP has a ton of different options.  Stop by www.creativeteaching.com and check them out!


By Melanie R. of Michigan.

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  1. Ha, ha this is so cute. I have a different set of markers that look completely different from my students but I love this idea. I think I will use it for MY class pencils. They always seem to find a way to steal those. LOL


  2. Maritza (Ms. P) says:

    It is so funny to see this because I have been doing the same thing with my pencils since the beginning of the year so that they do not take them. i am always replacing pencils and this is a great way of making sure there are no mix-ups.

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