Dots on Black Designer Collection

Did you happen to see the Creative Teaching Press catalog?


My good friend, Abby Merrill, was a featured teacher in the latest catalog and she had her entire classroom decorated with the Dots on Black Collection.


Now, before you get too jealous that Abby had a complete classroom makeover, you need to hear the whole story…

When I decided to style a classroom with the entire Dots on Black collection, I knew that I needed to be very close to the school that I would be working in.  I had about four large projects going at the time, so I needed to be able to get there quickly.  I also needed a classroom that didn’t have a lot of “stuff.”  We were working with a very small time frame and I didn’t have time to clear out a room.  I knew my friend, Abby, would be the perfect person.  She teaches at a school about a minute away from my house, plus she was changing grade levels AND classrooms!

Now, most of you probably think that I did all of the work and Abby just walked into a beautifully decorated 4th grade classroom at the end.  Nope.  Abby worked her tail off right along beside me.  It was definitely NOT a glamorous experience for her!  She was such a good sport about it all.   Due to school working hours, we were so limited with the amount of time we had to get the classroom finished. I needed Abby to help me accomplish this task.  Without her, I would never have been able to do this.  We were literally running through the classroom, afraid that we wouldn’t meet our deadline.  The custodian was getting ready to kick us out of the building on the last day and my photographer was scheduled early the next morning, so it HAD to be finished.  It was exhausting and crazy busy, but at the same time, very rewarding for Abby.  She will tell you that it wasn’t an easy experience, but it was all worth it in the end.  Abby has an absolutely gorgeous classroom and receives SO many compliments!

Abby has such a great personality and it was so much fun to spend some “quality” time with her!  I have known Abby for years (we taught Kindergarten together) and this will be an experience we will remember forever!

Now, a little about the Dots on Black Collection…

Abby and I love this collection because it can be dressed up or down to accommodate EVERY single grade level.   Abby teaches 4th grade and it is perfect for her kiddos.  Abby also liked the idea of using all of CTP apple items that coordinate with this collection to create a traditional apple theme, but with a modern and trendy twist!

I am excited to show you Abby’s beautiful room.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!


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Schoolgirl Style dob3

Schoolgirl Style dob4

Schoolgirl Style dob7

Schoolgirl Style dob8

Paper lanterns can be found in tons of coordinating colors.
Schoolgirl Style dob9

Schoolgirl Style dob10

Schoolgirl Style dob23

Schoolgirl Style dob11

You can find the lime green tubs on Amazon.Schoolgirl Style dob13

Schoolgirl Style dob14

Schoolgirl Style dob15

Schoolgirl Style dob16

Schoolgirl Style dob17

Schoolgirl Style dob19

Schoolgirl Style dob20

Take a generic set of storage drawers and add borders to the inside to coordinate with the room.Schoolgirl Style dob21






Schoolgirl Style dob22

To purchase items from the Dots on Black Designer Collection, visit or your local school supply store!

By Melanie R. of Michigan.

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  1. OMG Melanie it is gorgeous!!! I love how you did the ribbon with the lanterns. You MUST show us in a tutorial how you did it. I sooooo want to copy. :) I do love this room, it is so pretty and something I could see myself doing. :)

    BTW on the paper storage boxes that she organizes materials by months, is that BB borer on the inside or scrapbook paper?

    • We inverted two strips of border and secured them with a bit of tape. It was easy and still (in January) looks great!

    • ctpmarketing says:

      Hi Melissa! It is actually very easy. The lanterns have a little metal notch at the top and you just tie your ribbon in a knot there. Next, tie a large bow around the base to hide the knot. Very easy and very cute! :)

  2. Beautiful room! I use dots on black in my classroom too. My school building is much, much older so it doesn’t look as quite as lovely as yours…nice job!

  3. I so love it!!!!! And I so want a classroom makeover!!! I am using dots on chocolate this year and have borrowed:0) several of your ideas. Thanks for all of your hard work and creativity!! I have a very odd shaped classroom, it used to be offices but I want it to be a nice environment so I strive hard to make it nice..

  4. demetria franklin says:

    Awesome!!!!! I love it. That was my goal for this year….I almost made, it…..but I have too much junk in my classroom. Continue trying next school term….

  5. I love this classroom. I have to move to a new location next year, I plan on using this line of decorating. Where do you get the lantern?

  6. Absolutely love it. I use primary colors but this is the best I have ever seen! Such detail but realistic!!!

  7. Your room is adorable. I love how it all matches! I love organized rooms. I think the kids do too. You look pretty cute too! I have two red-headed children and two red-headed grandchildren.

  8. Miss Cook says:

    What are you using to cover the cans?

  9. I am so in love with this classroom. I think I may ditch the owls in my classroom and try to recreate what you have made. Thanks so much for sharing. This classroom is amazing! And I love that all the decor is accessible in most teacher supply stores!

  10. Renae Poulos says:

    I absolutely love these colors and the modern feel. I’m going to try to copy it the best I can. I would LOVE to have you come and make over my classroom. I promise to work my tail off for you. Pleeeease! It looks awesome!

  11. Hi, I just want to congratulate you on your beautiful classroom, I recently began subbing and I can say that I haven’t seen a classroom such as organized as yours. I bet your students truly enjoy being in that beautiful and stimulating environment.

  12. Greta Whitlock says:

    This classroom is so me. I use an “apple” theme and the colors red, yellow, and green in my classroom as well. I have also incorporated some black. I just wish my room was a big as this one. I am definitely going to incorporate the lanterns this year. You have a great room. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. I love how your classroom looks. Its amazing!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo borrowing your ideas for my classroom. It matches perfectly. The combination of colors that you have are awesome. You are a Goddess of Classroom Decor. Thanks for sharing your amazing classroom.

    4th Grade Rocks!!!!!!!!!

  14. Beautiful room. I was wondering if you liked Envision math? Tell me your thoughts

  15. Where did you find your polka dot fabric and yellow ric rac?

  16. Oh.My.God I am so in love with your room. Great use of colours and patterns… IT’S AMAZING!

  17. Hi! Love the room! I’ve used stars for years and am looking for something different. How much $$$ do you thin is invested in this type of makeover?

  18. I love this classroom!! I also use the dots on black pattern but with primary colors! I love how you incorporated the green. Is that fabric or paper on the bulletin boards? Also where did you find the small green baskets? Thanks so much!

  19. Heather says:

    This is a great idea for middle and high school classrooms, too!! Thanks for posting!


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