Gobble Up Words And Numbers


Is it almost time to gobble 'til you wobble? That's right...Thanksgiving is just around the corner which means there will be lots of turkey sightings! Speaking of turkeys, we have perfect Turkey Themed activities for all levels! Gobble up Words and Numbers can be changed to fit every grade! All you need are the Turkey Two-Color Calendar Cut-Outs … [Continue reading...]

Printable Halloween Coloring Pages {Freebies}


We want to treat you this Halloween! Click here to download your FREE Printable Halloween coloring pages! … [Continue reading...]

Harvesting Word Families


The Fall Harvest is here and it's time to rake up those leaves! Create this fun Leaf Harvesting Word Families Activity. Word Family Leaves is a fall-themed game that is perfect for literacy centers and group activities. First, write a different letter of the alphabet on each clothespin. Then, have your students write a word that belongs to each … [Continue reading...]

Leaf It Up To Measuring


It’s autumn and time to have a little leaf fun with kids! October is the perfect month to start learning about the seasons and the changing of the leaves. This classroom game is a great way to bring the beauty of fall leaves into your classroom. If you live in an area where the leaves haven't changed yet, the Maple Leaves Border is perfect for … [Continue reading...]

Create a Fall Themed Board Game


Fall is here! Nothing says fall more than beautiful leaves turning colors.  This a classroom game is a great way to bring the beauty of fall leaves into your classroom. Students will love this colorful fall leaf game board and will have fun while learning! How to create the Board: Use the Maple Leaves Border to create your board game’s spaces. … [Continue reading...]

Five Little Pumpkins


Materials needed: Jack-o'-Lantern Jumbo Stencil-Cut Borders, 6 strips of border (we used the Moroccan Nights Border), a poem typed out and some ribbon. Step 1: Cut the Jack-o'-Lantern Jumbo Stencil-Cut Borders out and pair with any border. We used the Moroccan Nights Border Step 2: Cut your poem out and glue to 6 pieces borders. Five trips … [Continue reading...]

Dice Activities Plus How To Make Your Own


Use dice for a fun math activity! Simply have students roll the dice and they can add, subtract, or multiply the numbers. This activity also emphasizes: Number recognition Counting Matching Comparing Place value Here's how to create dice in 5 easy steps! STEP 1: Cut two 12 inch pieces of any 3" straight edge border. STEP … [Continue reading...]

I Mustache You An Analogy


This can be played as a whole class game! Students can be broken into teams. One player from the first team chooses a number and tries to solve the analogy in that pocket. If the answer is correct, he or she can flip the card over to see how many points are awarded to his or her team. Play continues in this way rotating through the teams until all … [Continue reading...]

Crunching Numbers

crunching numbers

SUPPLIES: Lime Green Chevron Border, Lime Green Wavy Border, Black Dot-to-Dot Letters, googly eyes, brads, tape, & scissors. STEP 1: You can make one greater than and one less than gator from a half of a strip of border. (You’ll need 1/4 of a strip for each gator). STEP 2: Cut the border along the white lines. STEP 3: You will be left … [Continue reading...]

Delicious Hall Passes


Are your students forgetting your hall passes? Make them look too delicious to forget by creating a Candy Apple Hall Pass! Use recycled plastic grocery bags by scrunching them up into balls & wrapping them up with cellophane! Attach a Popsicle stick to top back of HexaFun Apples 6" Designer Cut-Outs and tie up for cute "Candy Apple" Hall … [Continue reading...]