Autism…What it means and Three Ways To Understand, Accept and To Assist

autism awareness post

When you see a child in the supermarket lineup frustrated and throwing a tantrum, do you automatically think that child is a brat, or the parent is not doing a good job?  We need to understand that perhaps there is more going on.  Perhaps that child is not understanding why there is a change in her routine and her anxiety has just sky-rocketed to a … [Continue reading...]

How To Create A Bow Out Of Extra Border


Here at CTP, we love to play around with our products to see what fun things we can create. As you've seen in our "How To Create A Chevron Pumpkin" post, we like thinking outside the box! We are going to show you how to create a bow out of the extra border pieces you have lying around! Materials needed: tape, scissors, and extra border pieces. We … [Continue reading...]

A Fresh Start: 3 Quick Rules to Reboot Family Organization & Routine


It is never too late to get on track. If your family is like mine once the hustle and bustle of school routines and extracurricular activities kick in, a start of a new year is a great time to take a moment and check to make sure your family to moving forward as best as they can.  There is nothing that can give a parent more satisfaction than to … [Continue reading...]

Thank Goodness For Sub-Folders!


Back in November I knew I was going to be out 2 days in a row for field trips with each of my children. As much as I was excited about seeing St. Augustine and the Zoo, I was also frantic trying to get 2 days worth of materials and plans ready. I happened to have 2 of the same Substitute Teacher Folders from CTP in the Dots on Turquoise collection. … [Continue reading...]

How to Assess Even and Odd Number Skills


Hi everyone!  It is Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies here to share with you a super simple way to assess even and odd number skills. I was looking for a quick performance task to use with one of my intervention groups.  I needed to assess even and odd numbers and this is what I came up with…the kids thought they were playing, which is fine … [Continue reading...]

How to make a beautiful tree last all season long!


Supplies: Lime Green Chevron Border Lots of Dots Green Border Holiday Ornaments 6” Cut-Outs Scissors Stapler Tape (Regular and Double Sided) Preparation Instructions: Use full sized Chevron border, match ends together and staple twice. Cut multiple borders in matching lengths (by cutting once, you will end up with two fun … [Continue reading...]

How To Make Candy Cane Necklaces


These adorable candy cane necklaces are such a fun craft to do with your students or kids at home.  You can also make them yourself to give as gifts or use as stocking stuffers! Materials Needed Mini candy canes that are individually wrapped Stapler Curling Ribbon Scissors Step 1 Staple one end of a candy cane to the end of another candy … [Continue reading...]

‘Tis the Season for Giving!


During this season of giving thanks, Creative Teaching Press would like to spread the love of reading to children around the country. For every Learn to Read book purchased on our website from 11/27/13 to 12/18/13, CTP will donate a book to the Kids In Need Foundation. The Kids In Need Foundation's mission is to ensure that every child is … [Continue reading...]

Baby It’s Cold Outside


Unique, modern and cheery…now that’s the type of classroom holiday party I like to throw!  Our annual holiday party is always a special time of year for my students and I.  This year I decided to throw a “hot chocolate” themed party, something different from the traditional “Christmas” party they have probably experienced in previous years.  A hot … [Continue reading...]

Pumpkin Love


Pumpkins seem to be all the rage lately. I’m seeing it all over, in stores and coffee shops around town. I’ve seen Pumpkin spice lattes, Pumpkin spice candy corn, pumpkin muffins just to name a few. Of course, pumpkin wouldn’t be pumpkin without good ole traditional pumpkin pie either. So when I saw the beautiful pumpkin cut-outs—with their … [Continue reading...]