A Fan-Stache-Tic New Classroom!


Greg Smedley-Warren, of Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten, has a fan-stache-tic new look in his classroom! Mr. Mustache used the new Mustache Mania Photo Booth Bulletin Board Set as the main focus of his room. Be sure to follow Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten for the big reveal of his fall classroom! Organize any space with the … [Continue reading...]

Keep Your Classroom Organized All Year Long!


Tired of ordinary ways to organize your classroom? These creative FUNctional Uses ideas will keep your entire classroom orderly, vibrant, and stylish! Use our Library Pockets to create your jobs chart! This fun, interactive board will help students stay organized and work independently. Organize your cubbies with our Calendar Days! These … [Continue reading...]

Create an Awning in 4 Easy Steps!

awning side

Make a fun awning to give your bulletin boards dimension and add a touch of style to your classroom. Customize it by using your favorite colors and patterns. The options are endless! Materials Needed: Presentation Board Fadeless Paper Two different sets of borders Glue Staples Directions: 1. Staple a presentation board to … [Continue reading...]

Hexagons are HexaFun!


Bring the hot hexagons designer look to your classroom this year! The simple shapes and bright colors in the HexaFun Designer Décor will bring a modern twist to any classroom environment! There are so many ways to use the hexagon, we used it to create a modern version of a traditional apple. Not only is this visually appealing, but it’s where … [Continue reading...]

Designer Looks Giveaway


  10 lucky teachers will win $200 worth of Creative Teaching Press dollars to buy their classroom a new back-to-school outfit for the 2014-2015 school year!  That is $200 to spend on everything Creative Teaching Press. . . trendy new borders, inspiring posters, organizational tools and even books.  Entering is easy, just see below for … [Continue reading...]

Mother’s Day Crafting

mother's Day

Looking for a great Mother's Day activity? Check out this quick and easy craft that every mom will love! Items Needed: One piece of straight border Item #4114 Poppin' Patterns Spring Flowers Stickers Item # 4632 and 4633 Black Dot-to-Dot 1” Sticker Letters in Upper Case and Lower Case Skin-Colored Construction … [Continue reading...]

Autism…What it means and Three Ways To Understand, Accept and To Assist

autism awareness post

When you see a child in the supermarket lineup frustrated and throwing a tantrum, do you automatically think that child is a brat, or the parent is not doing a good job?  We need to understand that perhaps there is more going on.  Perhaps that child is not understanding why there is a change in her routine and her anxiety has just sky-rocketed to a … [Continue reading...]

How To Create A Bow Out Of Extra Border


Here at CTP, we love to play around with our products to see what fun things we can create. As you've seen in our "How To Create A Chevron Pumpkin" post, we like thinking outside the box! We are going to show you how to create a bow out of the extra border pieces you have lying around! Materials needed: tape, scissors, and extra border pieces. We … [Continue reading...]

A Fresh Start: 3 Quick Rules to Reboot Family Organization & Routine


It is never too late to get on track. If your family is like mine once the hustle and bustle of school routines and extracurricular activities kick in, a start of a new year is a great time to take a moment and check to make sure your family to moving forward as best as they can.  There is nothing that can give a parent more satisfaction than to … [Continue reading...]

Thank Goodness For Sub-Folders!


Back in November I knew I was going to be out 2 days in a row for field trips with each of my children. As much as I was excited about seeing St. Augustine and the Zoo, I was also frantic trying to get 2 days worth of materials and plans ready. I happened to have 2 of the same Substitute Teacher Folders from CTP in the Dots on Turquoise collection. … [Continue reading...]