Create a Place Value Center

Create a place value center. Using the Chalk It Up Chart, add library pockets and label them- ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. Use the calendar cards to create a number under the pockets. Have students show the build the place value chart with the correct number of popsicle sticks in each pocket. Extend the activity by having students write the number in expanded notation. 5000 + 100 + 70 + 4

Create a vibrant, color coordinated, place value center for your classroom.  Using the Chalk It Up! Blank Chart, add colorful library pockets and label them - ones, tens, hundreds, thousands.  Use the Chalk It Up! Calendar Days (numbers) to create a number under the pockets.  Have students show the build the place value chart with the correct … [Continue reading...]

Gift Wrapping With Borders

Creative Teaching Press Dots on Chalkboard Border Bow Turquoise Scallops Purple Gift Wrap Inspired In Style

Looking for a way to dress up a simple gift?  Or maybe you need something for students to send home gifts for parents.  Try using some of your leftover borders to add some excitement to a present.  Start with a vibrant plain paper to wrap the box.  If you are a teacher you probably have some great fadeless paper colors lying around.  Create a bow … [Continue reading...]

A Mouth Full Number Center – Dental Health Month

Creative Teaching Press Inspired In Style Dental Health Month February Tooth Teeth Classroom Project Activity 2

Create a center for early number recognition.  Each game mat has a Stick Kid who needs teeth and a target number.  The student rolls the dice and adds the teeth to the child’s mouth until they reach the correct number.  Leave out the dice for younger students and just have them place the appropriate number of ‘teeth’ on the accent. How To:  Use … [Continue reading...]

Tooth Game Board – Dental Health Month

Creative Teaching Press Inspired In Style Dental Health Month February Tooth Fairy Teeth

February is dental health month, and we have come up with a few projects for your classroom. Students will race each other through the tooth game board to be the first to reach the end!  The game board path includes 32 teeth to represent the number of teeth in an adult mouth.  If the student lands on a “smile” sticker, they go ahead one space.  If … [Continue reading...]

Valentine’s Day Activities – Alphabet Grab

Creative Teaching Press Inspired In Style Valentine's Day Alphabet Grab

Alphabet Roll For this activity, use a 10" heart cut-out  for the game board.  Place the Black Dot-to-Dot 1" Sticker Letters on the heart by using a random selection of letters.  Then use the sticker letters on a small 1" cut-out or card to create letter cards or letter beads.  Place these into a festive bucket.  When the student pulls out the … [Continue reading...]

Valentine’s Day Activities – Graphing with Calendar Pieces

Creative Teaching Press Valentine's Day Graphing with Calendar Pieces

Graphing with Calendar Pieces Create a hands on graphing center with seasonal items and Valentine's Day themed calendar pieces.  Have students place the numbers from the February Calendar Days in order and then show the number model using seasonal items.  Have students line them up to create a graph. Created by Knowledge Bound team members in … [Continue reading...]

Valentine’s Day Activities – Cupid Counting


Over the next few days, Inspired in Style will have many different Valentine's Day activities for your classroom.  Check back often as we share more!  Starting us off is 'Cupid Counting'. Using both 6" and 10" heart cut-outs, program them with the number word written on one style (shown in green), and the number model on another (shown in pink).  … [Continue reading...]

Snowball Toss – Winter Game

Inspired In Style Snowball Toss Winter Game

Get students moving with this exciting winter snowball toss activity!  Super easy to make and fun to play.You can create your party game by decorating a science board with pieces from the Winter Essentials Bulletin Board Value Pack.  Once you have your items placed, cut holes into the pieces and board.  Spice up your board by adding white fabric to … [Continue reading...]

Ornament Winter Board Game

Ornament Game Board 1 newest

Have a great time with your class this winter as you build your own game boards! MAKE THE GAME Make a colorful holiday board game!  Use Creative Teaching Press' Ornaments Border  to create your board game spaces.  Using this colorful border will give the impression of obvious spaces, like you see on a game board.  Cut the ornament border in … [Continue reading...]

Thanksgiving Corn Activities Plus Freebie Printable


Thanksgiving is almost here! Download the free corn template for all sorts of fun activities! Students will love creating these delicious ears of corn. This fun Thanksgiving Craft is even great to do with families at home!   Corn-Tasting Feast: Show the class a package of corn seeds. Teach students that the Pilgrims' first Thanksgiving feast … [Continue reading...]