Prevent Skill Slide Part 2 – Math Minutes

Math Minutes Summer Skill Slide Resource and Workbook by Creative Teaching Press

100 Minutes to Better Basic Skills! Each book in the Math Minutes series features 100 “Minutes” to help students build basic skills, increase speed in math operations, and strengthen problem-solving skills. Each Minute consists of 10 problems of varying degrees of difficulty that incorporate a variety of skills. Each ten-problem reproducible can … [Continue reading...]

Prevent Skill Slide Part 1 – Stick Kids Workbooks

Stick Kids Workbooks Skills summer reading activities. Math, Science, Vocab, Sight Words, Reading

Keep little learners sharp during the summer break!  We are doing a four-part series on great resources and activities to help prevent skill slide during the summer break. Whether your child needs extra practice with grade-level skills or a head start on next year, Stick Kids Workbooks offer engaging activities, games, and puzzles that help make … [Continue reading...]

Build Your Own Sight Words Sentence Cards

Sight Words Sentences Cut & Paste Book Lesson Classroom Student Workbook K-1 5

Create a color coded Sight Word system with the Painted Palette name plates from Creative Teaching Press to help beginning readers.   This activity is based off of the popular book, Cut & Paste Sight Word Sentences by Rozanne Lanczak Williams. Program the cards for individualized instruction. Write out the sentence on the name plates and then … [Continue reading...]

DIY Mobiles With Border Pieces – Add Style to Any Space!

Create an eye catching Rainbow Display with the Painted Palette borders, or any of the Creative Teaching Press colors or collections!

Are you bored with some of your classroom decor and looking for something to liven up the space?  Create an playful classroom experience for students by creating eye catching mobiles that match your current theme or color combination.  You can do a full rainbow as shown below, mix and match color combinations, or show off the popular collections … [Continue reading...]

Other Fun Uses for Library Pockets!

Creative Teaching Press chevron library pockets can make a super cute gift card holder for birthdays and other special events.

   There are tons of great ways to use library pockets in the classroom in a traditional manner, but we thought you might like a few more ideas! Dress up a gift card or a simple gift like a book for parents (or if you are a parent, maybe for teacher appreciation!).  Add some colorful tulle ribbon or create a bow out of border by using the … [Continue reading...]

Springtime Word Familes Center

Create a Word Families center activity that is perfect for Spring! Program the Buckets 10" Cut-Outs with word families. Program the Water Drops 6" Cut-Outs with beginning letter sounds.

Create a Word Families center activity that is perfect for Spring!  Program the Buckets 10" Cut-Outs with word families.  Program the Water Drops 6" Cut-Outs with beginning letter sounds.Students say the sound on the bucket and then add a letter for a beginning sound.  Have them practice blending the word together.  Does it make a word? Extend … [Continue reading...]

Create a Place Value Center

Create a place value center. Using the Chalk It Up Chart, add library pockets and label them- ones, tens, hundreds, thousands. Use the calendar cards to create a number under the pockets. Have students show the build the place value chart with the correct number of popsicle sticks in each pocket. Extend the activity by having students write the number in expanded notation. 5000 + 100 + 70 + 4

Create a vibrant, color coordinated, place value center for your classroom.  Using the Chalk It Up! Blank Chart, add colorful library pockets and label them - ones, tens, hundreds, thousands.  Use the Chalk It Up! Calendar Days (numbers) to create a number under the pockets.  Have students show the build the place value chart with the correct … [Continue reading...]

Gift Wrapping With Borders

Creative Teaching Press Dots on Chalkboard Border Bow Turquoise Scallops Purple Gift Wrap Inspired In Style

Looking for a way to dress up a simple gift?  Or maybe you need something for students to send home gifts for parents.  Try using some of your leftover borders to add some excitement to a present.  Start with a vibrant plain paper to wrap the box.  If you are a teacher you probably have some great fadeless paper colors lying around.  Create a bow … [Continue reading...]

A Mouth Full Number Center – Dental Health Month

Creative Teaching Press Inspired In Style Dental Health Month February Tooth Teeth Classroom Project Activity 2

Create a center for early number recognition.  Each game mat has a Stick Kid who needs teeth and a target number.  The student rolls the dice and adds the teeth to the child’s mouth until they reach the correct number.  Leave out the dice for younger students and just have them place the appropriate number of ‘teeth’ on the accent. How To:  Use … [Continue reading...]

Tooth Game Board – Dental Health Month

Creative Teaching Press Inspired In Style Dental Health Month February Tooth Fairy Teeth

February is dental health month, and we have come up with a few projects for your classroom. Students will race each other through the tooth game board to be the first to reach the end!  The game board path includes 32 teeth to represent the number of teeth in an adult mouth.  If the student lands on a “smile” sticker, they go ahead one space.  If … [Continue reading...]