I Mustache You An Analogy


This can be played as a whole class game! Students can be broken into teams. One player from the first team chooses a number and tries to solve the analogy in that pocket. If the answer is correct, he or she can flip the card over to see how many points are awarded to his or her team. Play continues in this way rotating through the teams until all … [Continue reading...]

Crunching Numbers

crunching numbers

SUPPLIES: Lime Green Chevron Border, Lime Green Wavy Border, Black Dot-to-Dot Letters, googly eyes, brads, tape, & scissors. STEP 1: You can make one greater than and one less than gator from a half of a strip of border. (You’ll need 1/4 of a strip for each gator). STEP 2: Cut the border along the white lines. STEP 3: You will be left … [Continue reading...]

Delicious Hall Passes


Are your students forgetting your hall passes? Make them look too delicious to forget by creating a Candy Apple Hall Pass! Use recycled plastic grocery bags by scrunching them up into balls & wrapping them up with cellophane! Attach a Popsicle stick to top back of HexaFun Apples 6" Designer Cut-Outs and tie up for cute "Candy Apple" Hall … [Continue reading...]

Stencil-Cut Border Tutorial


We know you all love the new stencil-cut border options that are now available on CreativeTeaching.com!  They join perfectly end to end, but what happens when you plan on joining them at a corner?  We have a plan to help you avoid this unsightly overlap. First of all, to properly align the borders end to end, be sure to tap on both the front and … [Continue reading...]

How To Create A Bow Plus Template


Looking to create a bow out of extra border? Download your bow template now! How to Create A Bow in 2 easy steps: Step 1. You’ll need three parts for each bow: the band in the middle, the loops, and the tails. Trace on the back of your border your three bow shapes. Then cut your three pieces out. A quick tip is Fold your paper in half to be … [Continue reading...]

First Day Of School Activity


Looking for a fun and unique activity to do on the first day of school? Take a photo with each of your students! This will also help memorize names and is the perfect ice breaker! Greg Smedley-Warren used the photo frame from the Mustache Mania Photo Booth Bulletin Board Set for the perfect first day of school activity! … [Continue reading...]

A Fan-Stache-Tic New Classroom!


Greg Smedley-Warren, of Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten, has a fan-stache-tic new look in his classroom! Mr. Mustache used the new Mustache Mania Photo Booth Bulletin Board Set as the main focus of his room. Be sure to follow Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten for the big reveal of his fall classroom! Organize any space with the … [Continue reading...]

Keep Your Classroom Organized All Year Long!


Tired of ordinary ways to organize your classroom? These creative FUNctional Uses ideas will keep your entire classroom orderly, vibrant, and stylish! Use our Library Pockets to create your jobs chart! This fun, interactive board will help students stay organized and work independently. Organize your cubbies with our Calendar Days! These … [Continue reading...]

Create an Awning in 4 Easy Steps!

awning side

Make a fun awning to give your bulletin boards dimension and add a touch of style to your classroom. Customize it by using your favorite colors and patterns. The options are endless! Materials Needed: Presentation Board Fadeless Paper Two different sets of borders Glue Staples Directions: 1. Staple a presentation board to … [Continue reading...]

Hexagons are HexaFun!


Bring the hot hexagons designer look to your classroom this year! The simple shapes and bright colors in the HexaFun Designer Décor will bring a modern twist to any classroom environment! There are so many ways to use the hexagon, we used it to create a modern version of a traditional apple. Not only is this visually appealing, but it’s where … [Continue reading...]